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Advertise with us in Billings Montana and the surrounding areas. In the months to come, our website will be very busy with customers checking to see what videos are in our kiosks. Our kiosk machines will be playing movie trailers when you visit the host stores too. What we are going to do is guarantee you that your advertisement will be played between movie trailers. Since each trailer averages roughly 2.5 minutes, we will only be playing a limited number of advertisements on both the large LCD screen and the small LCD screen. We will play them in order and get as much exposure for your business as possible. When you think of the floor traffic in our host store and the prices that we offer, you’ll get your money’s worth and more. Here’s what I am prepared to do for you.

1. Run your ad on both screens PLUS, put it on all of our kiosk machines.
2. Add your video ad to our website
3. Add your logo to our website with contact info.
4. Place your advertisement one of the top 8 squares in our machine. It will include your logo, phone number, and anything else you’d like us to add.
5. I’ll upload your advertisement on YouTube so that it will help your traffic on your own website. Providing you a link from YouTube and from our website will increase your search placement (depending on who built your website).
6. We’ll keep your business as our “exclusive” business. Example: I won’t put two different realtors online or on our Kiosk. You’ll be the only one. (in all of our locations)
7. We’ll add your advertisment logo and link to our web blog. When people go to the discussion pages, your add will be availble there too.
8. We’ll provide you with anything you need to get going. We’re just getting started and we want you to be happy and stay with us for the long term.

Just think of all the people that walk through checkout lines in these stores! You’ll be getting exposure like you’ve never had before. I have the kiosks located so that everyone that walks through these stores will get the opportunity to see your advertisment. The LCD screens are large and easily seen across the store. The volume is turned up loud enough so they’ll hear your ad and they’ll be able to see your phone number, e-mail address and URL for your business too.

Give me a call and let’s talk about getting you on all of our machine and what I can do to save you money. As the online business starts to grow, your exposure will increase. I’ve worked on several websites and know what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t have a site, no big deal! I’ll show you what I can do to customize your business advertisement.

Once the slots and our advertisement places fill up, we’re not adding more.. I won’t fill this site up with a bunch of ads! Everything will be limited so that you get as much exposure as possible. Too much advertising looks trashy and I won’t do that to your business or ours!

ReadyDVD also builds website pages for Free!  When you advertise from us, we build a page or optimize your current website.  This is the biggest part of our advertising business!  We have several customers that prefer the Search Engine Optimizing over the slot advertising.  Want more Info?  Call me!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Mike Weiland- Pres.

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